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Welcome to The Please Hug Me Series

It’s time for a new Please Hug Me title! We are very excited to announce a new book, Please Hug Me–I’m an Office Monkey: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Survive Life in a Cubicle will be launching NOVEMBER 11. Mark your calendars! This book is designed for the 9-5er who needs a little extra support to get through the workday. Be sure to check out our new book trailer and info below!

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The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Survive Life in a Cubicle

Please Hug Me I'm an Office MonkeyFor anyone who makes a living working in an office, this is certain to become your new bible. Experience a roller coaster ride of how to survive the in’s and out’s of today’s modern office… from tips on landing an interview, to going on extended vacation without your boss knowing, to dealing with chronic office offenders, we’ve got the cure for any case of The Monday Blues. Learn how to:

• Convert the handicapped stall into a cozy studio apartment
• Claim your rightful Jewish holidays
• Go home early with the creative use of tree sap
• Deal with the Hallway Blocker, Cubicle Leaner, and other chronic office offenders
• Avoid layoffs by adopting African babies
• Never again do an ounce of real work

Additionally, you will learn:

– Advance techniques for controlling your boss (AKA: the head chimp)
– The ONE reference that will land you any job
– The proper method of napping in the bathroom stall
– Creative ways to boost your annual salary with expense reports

Follow the real-time case study and learn the horrors of getting a P.O. number assigned in a major corporation. Discover the best in corporate ice breakers. Gain tips on how to dominate your team in Departmental Dodge Ball. Learn how to date your coworkers with minimal Next Morning Awkwardness (NMA). Play along with Corporate Buzzword Bingo…. and much more!

Comes complete with bonuses: Guide to Break Room Coffee, and How to Start an Online Business from Your Cubicle.

Follow all of the hilarious advice in this book and watch your workdays fly by!

Please Hug Me–I’m an Office Monkey is also available as an ebook Download from our site.

Please Hug Me I've Been DelayedPLEASE HUG ME–I’VE BEEN DELAYED

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Survive the Not-so-Friendly Skies

If you are one of the nearly eight hundred million passengers who struggle to remain sane in the insane world of air travel each year, this book is for you. Jeff Michaels offers his off-kilter observations on everything from earplugs and SkyMall shopping to air marshals and overbooked flights, along with practical tips on how to improve the flying experience, such as

• Secrets to scoring the lowest possible airfare
• Moves for getting through security in five minutes or less—every time
• Clever and entertaining techniques for wasting time in airports
• A five-minute program for overcoming the fear of flying
• Suggestions for handling Chronic Seat Kickers (CSKs) of all ages
• Tear-out forms for surviving an overnight stay in the airport

A Perfect Combination of Humor and Information for Travelers of all Types

please hug me seriesPLEASE HUG ME–I’VE BEEN DELAYED

Delayed Musical Accompaniment for Your Enjoyment

This is your piano accompaniment to Jeff Michaels guide to air travel, Please Hug Me–I ve Been Delayed. While entertaining and informing passengers is only half the battle, maintaining your sanity during the flying process can be another thing entirely.

This beautiful collection of original piano solos will be sure to keep you relaxed and feeling like you re in control… no matter how long the delay.

Click below to play sample.