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Welcome to the Please Hug Me Series. We tackle some of life’s most frustrating situations. From long airport delays, to working in an office, to dating people who own more than six cats, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out all of our titles!


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Our brand new book, PLEASE HUG ME–I’M AN OFFICE MONKEY: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Survive Life in an Office. In this second book in his Please Hug Me Series, Michaels takes a look at life in an office… familiar territory for the former cube-dweller. Launches May 6th!

 Inside you will learn how to:

- Reorganize your cubical for maximum comfort and minimal work
- Convert the handicapped stall into a cozy studio apartment
- Claim your rightful Jewish holidays
- Go home early with the creative use of tree sap
- Never again do an ounce of real work!

Additionally, you will learn:

- Advance techniques for controlling your boss (AKA Head Chimp)
- The ONE reference that will land you any job
- The proper method of napping in the bathroom stall
- How to avoid layoffs by adopting African babies

Follow the real-time case study and learn the horrors of getting a P.O. number assigned in a major corporation. Discover the best in corporate ice breakers. Gain tips on how to dominate your team in Departmental Dodge Ball. Learn how to date your coworkers with minimal next morning awkwardness (NMA). Play along with Corporate Buzzword Bingo…. and much more! Be sure to Preorder Your Copy Now!

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Please Hug Me Series has thousands of readers across the globe! Our first title, Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed, was featured at Hudson News Airport Retailers nationwide, along with Pacific Gateway Airport Retailers, and  more! We’ve put lots of love into each and every book and have included something for everyone!

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